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Facebook ads are HOT right now and businesses NEED people to help them run their campaigns. Running Facebook ads for clients is one of the most profitable and flexible businesses you can start.

Best of all, with a flexible well-paid business, you can create the type of life YOU want – more time with your kids, working where you want, and when you want.

Whether you are thinking of adding this service to your existing business, or starting a new business – Facebook Ads are a critical skill in today’s market.  But if you are just “winging it” when you create your Facebook ads for clients, not only can their business be impacted but yours will as well!  

You will learn:

✅ The latest changes in 2019 with Facebook ads that will affect your strategy 
✅ The #1 thing you need to have in place BEFORE you start running Facebook Ads for clients 
✅ How to get your first client in 30 Days or LESS (and then Scale UP from there)
✅ Exactly what to do every single day, week, and month to ensure your clients’ ads are working for them (with some handy checklists)
✅ 3 crucial decisions about services, packages, and pricing that will help your Facebook ads management business run more profitably
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Meet the creator of this training and creator of the Facebook Advertising Secrets Course:

Andrea Vahl is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies – all 3 editions – and the brand new Facebook Ads Made Simple. She was listed on Entrepreneur.com:  50 Favorite Online Marketing Influencers — and on Inc Magazine:  21 Best Blogs That Will Help You Grow Your Business and on Kim Garst’s – Top 30 Women in Social Media. She’s an international speaker and a top trainer for Facebook Advertising at conferences all over the world including 6-time presenter at Social Media Marketing World.  She has trained thousands of people how to start their own Facebook Ads Management business and does not believe in crazy hype.  She also likes to wear wigs and is deathly afraid of squirrels.


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