Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Guide

Things to try for common ads problems

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If you have been running Facebook Ads, you know that things are constantly changing.  Sometimes your ads will be working fine and all of a sudden the ads stop working, the numbers go in the wrong direction and you are wondering what went wrong.  This guide provides some stats to look at and things to adjust for some of the common issues I’ve seen.

I’ve been running Facebook ads for clients since 2010 and it has been an amazing business that allows me to work from anywhere.  I also speak about Facebook Ads all over the world and am the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies along with Amy Porterfield and Phyllis Khare. My latest book is Facebook Ads Made Simple.  I also have a FULL Facebook Ads course called Facebook Advertising Secrets where I’ve trained over 600 people how to run successful Facebook Ad campaigns and I’m in there answering questions and troubleshooting issues.

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Facebook Ads Troubleshooting Guide