Assets You Have to Work With

When starting a Facebook or Instagram Ad campaign, you have to understand the assets you have to work with so that you can create the best campaigns.  Things like email lists, pixel data, videos, and engagement can all be good assets.


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  • DIY Book Covers (3D design)
  • Also make sure you look at these sections:
    • Retargeting Audiences – Keep in mind the Pixel can also provide “assets” you use for audiences too
    • Video Ads
    • Images
  • Video Tools:
    • Animoto
    • Wave
    • Streamyard (interview)
    • Adobe Spark
    • Canva
    • Promo (stock videos)
    • Crello
    • Biteable
    • Splasheo (subtitles)
    • Toonly (animations)
    • Powtoon (animations)
    • Background music:  Artlist.io

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