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Thank you for your interest in promoting my products!

I would love to partner with you!

I am offering 40% commission for every person you refer to the Facebook Advertising Secrets course.  This products has been COMPLETELY updated as of December 2017 and I’ve also JUST added new material and updates in August 2018 so no need to worry about promoting outdated material.  Signup here: Affiliate Signup


How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site, your post, your tweet or in an email.

2. The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

3. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.

4. If the visitor orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored for 60 days), the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive commission for this sale.  If the customer visits our site from another affiliate’s link, the sale will be credited to the affiliate whose link was clicked on last.

5.  You cannot get affiliate commissions on your own purchase of the product.

What I provide

I have all the materials you will need to start promoting the e-books and programs:  logos, pre-written e-mails, tweets, posts, and shareable goodies that will make selling this program simple.


How do I get paid?

We pay commissions out via PayPal  on the first of the month after the 30 day refund period is up.   So for example, when we are selling the product in April, the 1st of the month after the 30 days are up would be June 1st.  Clawbacks (in Infusionsoft reporting) refer to refunds.  We assume your PayPal address is the one you sign up with as an affiliate but if it is different, please let us know at support@andreavahl.com.

Can you mail me a check?

We can mail checks rather than PayPal (and for large commission checks over $1000 we typically ask).  Please send a message to support@andreavahl.com and request this option if you want it.

Already an Affiliate?

Please visit the Affiliate Login page and enter your username and password to gain access to your account statistics, banners, linking code, etc.

My pledge to you

I appreciate every customer you will send my way and I will take good care of them. I know your reputation is on the line when recommending any product or service. I am committed to helping people learn how to use Facebook Ads the right way and I know my stuff.  I am personally participating in the private Facebook Group answering questions so the course members are well cared for.  And I will not oversell or spam your referrals.  I look forward to working with you!  Affiliate Signup

NEW Free Training Available August 28th – September 12th

I am providing a brand new free mini-course that will only be available for a short time and will lead into an invitation to join the full paid course.  The free course is called How to Start a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Management Business and can be found here: https://fbadvertisingsecrets.com/ads-manager-training/

The focus for the course is for people who want to start their OWN business running ads for clients or add Facebook Ads management as a service to an existing business.  This is a great fit for VAs, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, social media managers, people who do websites, and more. 

Here are the important dates

  1. Promote the free course August 28th – September 12th, 2018.
  2. The cart will be open September 6-12th.  You can also promote the free course during that time but it may be better to send people directly to the sales page.

Tweets and Social Posts

Want to run Facebook Ads for clients?  Get this FREE course How to Start a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Management Business ~AFF LINK~

Want to learn how to start your OWN business running Facebook Ads? My friend @andreavahl has a new course to show you how ~AFF LINK~

Get the formula for a highly profitable Facebook Ads management business with @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Limited time – How to Start a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Management Business – a free course from my friend @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Learn Facebook Ads management for clients in this new free training from @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Find out what it takes to start running Facebook Ads for clients find out how in this new free training ~AFF LINK~

Earn money on the side running Facebook Ads for clients @andreavahl gives you her step-by-step formula in this training ~AFF LINK~

Don’t miss this brand new training on Facebook Ads from someone who wrote the book on it – @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Facebook Ads are hot right now and businesses need people to help them run their ad campaigns – find out how you can get started  ~AFF LINK~

How to Start a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Management Business – a new video training from @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Social Posts or an Email:

🔥🔥Facebook ads are HOT right now and businesses need people to help them run their campaigns. My friend, Andrea Vahl has a brand new training series called How to Start a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Management Business…even if you’ve never run Facebook Ads before! Andrea literally wrote the BOOK on Facebook (Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) and this training is perfect for anyone looking to start a new business or add Facebook Ads management services to an existing business. You will learn:

✅The #1 thing you need to have in place BEFORE you start running Facebook Ads for clients
✅How to get your first client in 30 Days or LESS (and then Scale UP from there)
✅What specific things you do for clients each day, week, and month so that you make sure their ads are working for them (with some handy checklists)
✅3 crucial decisions about services, packages, and pricing that will help your Facebook ads management business run more profitably

The training includes checklists, videos, an ebook and a LIVE webinar happening on September 6th. Get signed up here:  ~AFF LINK~


The image that pulls in with Facebook posts is this first one but you can use other images for other posts below.

Facebook Ads Management Training





Tweets and Social Posts for the full Facebook Ads Management Course 

**Please note that the Sales Page will be updated shortly to reflect the Facebook Ads Management focus of this promotion

Use these pre-written posts and add in your Affiliate link:

If you need to learn how to run Facebook Ads for clients, this is the BEST course out there! ~AFF LINK~

Business in a BOX! If you are looking to start a business or earn money on the side, Facebook Ads Management is HOT.  Get everything you need to start your own business in this great course from @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Do you want a system for your Facebook ads management for clients?  Sign up for Facebook Advertising Secrets! ~AFF LINK~

Tired of just “winging it” with your Facebook Ads?  Get a system!  My friend, @andreavahl has a great course that’s open now!  ~AFF LINK~

Wondering how make money running Facebook Ads for clients? Sign up for this online course with @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Facebook Advertising Secrets is open NOW.  Learn how to run Facebook Ads for yourself or for clients from @andreavahl  ~AFF LINK~

Want to improve your Facebook Ad results for your clients? @andreavahl has the course that everyone is RAVING about and it’s open now ~AFF LINK~

Run more effective and more profitable Facebook ad campaigns for your clients in this online course ~AFF LINK~

Need to learn more about Facebook ads and want to get the BEST course out there? Sign up for Facebook Advertising Secrets with @andreavahl ~AFF LINK~

Facebook ads are becoming CRITICAL for any business – find out what you need to know in this online course ~AFF LINK~

If you are using Facebook Ads for your clients, you need a system – get the scoop in this course ~AFF LINK~

Have you tried Facebook advertising? Make sure you are running the smartest ads with this course ~AFF LINK~

Get @andreavahl’s Facebook advertising secrets in her fully updated course ~AFF LINK~


Longer post/email copy:

Facebook Ads are HOT right now and businesses need people like you to help them run their Facebook Ad campaigns.  If you are looking to start a new business or add Facebook Ads management services to your existing business, my friend, Andrea Vahl has the perfect online course to help you.  

The course is called Facebook Advertising Secrets and it is now open for enrollment until Wednesday September 12th ~AFFID~  She only opens the course a few times a year and now is the PERFECT time to get started.  

This course is unique because she dives into the strategy of setting up Facebook Ad campaigns for specific different industries as well as give all the tactics you need to succeed.  You also get all the proposal templates, report templates, swipe files, checklists and screen-sharing tutorials you need to start making money running ad campaigns for clients.  This is literally a business in a box.
But the best part is the 1 year access to the private Facebook group where you can get all your questions answered.  This is the support area that you WISH Facebook had.  Go take a look here: ~AFFID~