Facebook Ads Management Pricing Calculator

Thanks so much for signing up to get my Facebook Ads Management Pricing Calculator!  I’ve been running Facebook Ads for clients for 8 years and in this guide I cover some of the pricing models available, structuring your services and more in this guide.  

Please note the directions on the Google Doc for the Pricing Calculator – you need to make your OWN copy of this calculator in order to use it, the Doc I give you is protected.

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How to Price Your Facebook Ads Management Services Ebook


First download the Ebook here:  How to Price Your Facebook Ad Services


This will give you a good overview of what you need to take into consideration when pricing your services.  Remember that you may have to make adjustments for different countries and the examples are not a guarantee of income.  There is work involved!


Pricing Calculator

Access the Pricing Calculator here:  Facebook Ads Management Pricing Calculator

This is a protected Google Doc so that everyone can use it.  What you need to do is save your own copy and then you will be able to enter your numbers.  

Just click File in the upper left corner then select Make a copy.  You can then name your file whatever you like and add or change things as needed.  Your copy will be in your Google Drive that you access here:  https://drive.google.com 


Make note of where you may need to improve your times, or charge more for the work you are doing!

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