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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your course differ from others out there?

I haven’t taken all the other courses so I can’t speak to exactly how they compare.  I have worked with well-known brands around the world as well as writing the Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book.  I’ve worked for Social Media Examiner and spoken at their Social Media Marketing World about Facebook Marketing and Advertising for 6 years in a row. So I am an authority in the field which is a big differentiation to some courses.

Some courses and training has their own “agenda” with what they teach.  I approach Facebook Advertising from the standpoint of tested methods that work for a variety of businesses – not just online, not just people with tons of traffic, but small, medium, and large businesses.

I am deeply invested in the success of the people who take my course.  I hear over and over from the people in the Facebook Group how they are so grateful for not only my responses but the other brilliant people in the course also chime in and give their experience.  The course takes you from the more basic levels all the way to some of the more advanced strategies and techniques.

I am personally in the private groups commenting and connecting with you.  In some courses, you’ll never see the course creator in the forums or groups (or that’s a big ‘upsell’)  I intentionally make the course affordable and accessible to people who want to start a new career or learn Facebook Advertising for their own business.   


Can you really get positive ROI from Facebook Ads?

YES.  Even if you haven’t before, even if you have a small budget, and even if you are new to Facebook ads.  The KEY is having a system and a strategy.  In the course I teach strategy for all types of businesses because they can be very different in the approach.

How long does it take to complete the material?

The total hours of video course is somewhere around 15-20 hours of training with everything.  I also offer transcripts and slides so that people can consume the content in different ways.  So you can do this in your spare time if you have a full time job.

Does your Agency package include everything that is covered in the Basic package?  What is the difference between them?

Everything in the Basic version is included in the Agency version.  The Agency version also includes training on building your own business running Facebook Ads for clients.  There are proposal templates, report templates, lessons on pricing your services, and getting new clients. 

How current is the content?

I update the course at least twice a year (you get access to all the updates during the 1-year access for the course).   The most recent updates have been in May 2019 – almost every video is being redone.

I also alert you to new developments and changes to Facebook Ads through the Facebook Group. So you know you are always using the latest strategies.

How long do I have access to the material?

You have access to the material and the private Facebook group for 1 full year.  You will also get access to any updates I provide to the material.  I usually update it twice a year.  There is a yearly renewal of $397 for ongoing updates and continued access to the Facebook group.

Will I be automatically renewed at the end of one year?

No, you will have to re-enroll to continue your access.  So if you do not want to have continued access, you just do nothing and your access will be removed after a year.  You will get email notifications to re-enroll when your time is approaching renewal.

Access to the ongoing Facebook Advertising updates and the continued support in the Facebook Group is priceless.