“I highly recommend the Facebook Advertising Secrets Course. It is the most comprehensive FB ads training course you can take to learn the ins-and-outs of how to set up a campaign, but also gives valuable tips on strategy. Love the shorter video format so it’s easy to learn in short chunks during a regular business day or in evening.”

Katarina Wright

“I personally like the tone and voice of Andrea. It is different from many other so called experts out there who are not as “genuine”, ie they are more focused on trying to show how successful they are by showing off their wealth (cars, yachts etc) and talking about how much money they are making. Andrea is more focused on the content and the substance of the course/material that is covered. It is more about the process and structure which you can replicate rather than a promise of instant wealth and fortune from buying the course.”

Christian Rostlund

“All it took was one client to cover the cost of your course and give me a knowledge that I can now use to go after more new clients.”

Cristin Konkle

“I appreciate the ease of the course, and the value of the course – it’s easy to follow along and to not get overwhelmed. So many on social media promise so many things…you provide true learning with true results. No Hype and No over promise.”

Kim VanderPoel

“I was concerned that this course would be worth the cost but I found it was definitely worth it. The course is clearly laid out, organized and the FB group is very helpful and Andrea answers personally many times. I would highly recommend because of the attention to detail and comprehensive nature of the course.”

Jeff Webbe

“The course gives you all the information for running an agency and running facebook ads for clients. My concern was that the information was current and relative to my goals and most of the information was current – the small amount that wasn’t, was being updated. Support is awesome, Andrea is always available to answer questions and offer help. The private facebook group is a valuable resource.”

Charles Stanford

“This is such a complex subject and I was wondering if It will be clear enough for me. But it is great! And if I have any questions, there is the fb group.”

Tamara Boschung

“I knew that this program would be thorough, detail oriented and would give me the knowledge that I needed to become more confident with setting up and running Facebook ads for clients. I now offer Facebook advertising as a separate service item and I am able to show my clients a positive ROI.”

Kelly Butcher

“I can not recommend Facebook Advertising Secrets highly enough. I had invested in a variety of Facebook advertising courses from other industry leaders – including a significant amount of money. It’s wasn’t until I could use the MANY training videos and resources in this course that I FINALLY got it.

Immediately after the my certification I put my skills to the test and finally ran my first successful ads. I had wasted a lot of money over many failed FB ad as attempts before this for years. I have even hired professional for my husbands real estate business to run ads – and lost thousands of dollars ads that did not covert any leads.

Following Andrea’s course, I ran my first ad campaign. I used the approach and strategies she recommended and have since run multiple converting ad campaigns for real estate converting in BUYER leads and SELLER leads. Consistent conversions and lead generation!

Access to membership to the private FB group allows direct feedback from Andrea AND everyone else at any time you may have questions or want to keep up to date on changes. It is a wonderfully resourceful community to place to continue to learn.

I now have multiple requests to manage digital marketing campaigns and FB ads from several businesses and friends and am finally confident enough in my skills that I can help others.

Cannot say enough about this course! If you want to learn how to do this the right way, THIS is the best resource available. Andrea also makes it easy and is even entertaining – which is an added bonus. Thank you! You have loyal fan and student in me.” 

Erin Soto

I asked my students:

“Would you recommend this course?”

Here’s what they said:

“Yes. Andrea has not only the knowledge to help in any situation, the experience to back it up, the ability to explain technical issues in an easy to understand way, but also the patience to keep adapting to any changes Facebook throws at us. Her experience on the “front line” when it comes to advertising on Facebook really shines through. Andrea rocks 😀 Seriously, if you want an easy to understand yet complete guide to advertising on Facebook then look no further.”

Clive Jones

“Absolutely. It’s a great course, I found the modules and bonuses in agency section very helpful for the business development side of things and my business has grown since I signed up.”

Keith Tomasek

“Yes! It gives you step by step instructions which are easy to follow unlike searching YouTube which can be extremely confusing.”

Tatiyana Hodges

“Yes! and I have many times in my groups! This is an amazing course. You covered everything and the Premium Agency module is great – proposals, pricing, getting clients and troubleshooting. Also the advance tips are great. And, the certification which I’m going to take shortly.”

Jo Ann Toporski

“RUN, don’t walk, to sign up for Andrea Vahl‘s course. She’s the best, and has mentored me in social media for years. PLUS you get access to her and relationship building like you’ve never seen before.  If you want to master your own FB ads or learn to grow revenue as an agency, this is the place to be!”

Pat Roque

More Testimonials:

“Your course is hands-down the best training I’ve come across for doing Facebook Ads.”

Kelly Ward


“I give it a 10. Not only is the course well organized and easy to follow, it taught me exactly what I needed to keep my clients who suddenly found themselves needing to advertise in order to reach their target audience in the news feed. Because of your course, I could confidently tell my clients that I could handle their Facebook advertising needs. I didn’t have to turn away their business.”

Andrea Cooley


“Having the course was the best investment I could have made! The support of the Facebook group has been invaluable. The course is excellent but sometimes things pop up and you just need to ask a question to someone with more experience. Obviously working on my own I have not got a work colleague I can ask! I am so glad I joined the course!”

Cathy Deen

“For me this course has been a 10. I have learned so much that has translated into positive real world results. I am very happy and am getting my money’s worth and then some.”

Betty-Anne Whipp


“First off, we LOOOOOVE YOU! Out of all the social media peeps we’ve hired, you are the only person who hasn’t disappointed, and we reference your info again and again.”

Sophie Uliano

sophieuliano.com - Gorgeously Green

“Hands-down, Andrea Vahl is my go-to Facebook advertising expert. Not only does she run successful ad campaigns for my businesses; she also runs them for all of my clients who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on Facebook.”

Jim Kukral

“Andrea’s Facebook Ad strategies work. My first big program launch was a huge success, generating multiple 5-figures in revenue and more than I had earned previously in a month in my business. My secret weapon? Andrea! She ran a list-building campaign with a 57% opt in rate, generating quality leads at a low cost…. driving hundreds of people to my webinars. If you have the opportunity to work with Andrea or to participate in her Facebook Ad training, grab it with both hands – Facebook Ad Strategy is, quite literally, one of her many Superpowers.”

Donna Mortiz

Socially Sorted - www.sociallysorted.com.au

“Andrea rocks Facebook Marketing. She has her finger on the pulse of what is working right now for companies on Facebook and she can teach it to you in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. If you want to reach your customers and get more leads on Facebook, Andrea will show you how. Two huge thumbs up for this likeable lady!”

Dave Kerpen

Founder & CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker

“Andrea knows Facebook inside and out. She has a great way of explaining how marketers can use Facebook to maximize their business and breaks it down into snackable chunks that you can take action on, quickly and easily. I’ve seen her courses and invited her to present to my clients and she always delivers amazing information!”

Kim Garst


“Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable about social media in general and Facebook in particular. Not only that, but because she has a background as an “Edutainer,” her presentation skills excel far beyond your typical speaker. She is engaging, funny, learned, wise and just plain fun to listen to. By the end of her presentation you feel invigorated and excited – like you have not only learned something, but have been entertained in the process.”

Viveka von Rosen

Author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

To see if something is actually wrong with your results, you may need to have the right expectations.  Sometimes you hear people talk of 1 cent per clicks and 10 cents per lead or crazy numbers like that and you feel like your ads aren't doing as well.  Let's look at the industry numbers as well as my general experience.  More specific numbers are sometimes listed in the individual industry sections.

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